Monday, January 03, 2005


how many of you are gamers?? a raise of virtual hands will be suffice. How many of you know the industry or at least know the difference between a PS2 and an Xbox. no the answer isnt "one is green" for those of you that still have your hand in the air, please lower it and read on, my thoughts are now at your veiwing pleasure.

Median War

8-track, Cassette tape, CD, DVD, ?????. Over the past 25 or so years the median of the data that we use has changed dramaticaly, and with it the devices we use. These are a few random thoughts of the next gen storage median and how they will affect the console's in '06/'07..
Back b4 there was the $5.00 bargain bin of dvd's at your local big box store, the big companys where looking toward the future and toward the next median of storage. Nintendo, who is the most innovative company out of the big three decided to stick with the tried and true cartridge with there 64 system. Cartriges have both advantages and disadvantages, pros-indestrucable, what loading time?, nigh impossible to reproduce. con- expensive, just dont hold enough data, there as big as some small dogs. . Sony on the other hand opted to go with the CD, cheap, versital and 650 megs of space, who could as for more? sure they scratched easily and the machines now had moving parts that could die out. but I think it is obvious from the sales figures which way was the better route to take. (for those of you out there wondering where Sega is in all of this .they dont count. . they are about as much of a contender at the Nokia N-gage is to the handheld arena or the Phamtom is in the console war) Then there was the new kid on the block. The DVD, this disk could hold 4 gigs of info, 8 if it was duel layerd, 1 full dvd could hold between 12-20 playstation 1 games on it. Earlier in history (pre vhs) Sony had introduced a new format, Beta, but the Hollywood said no and chose the Vhs, so Sony licked its wounds and planned for the future. The Future is now. DvD just dont cut it anymore, with the emergance of High Def (HD) tv and 5.1 and thx 7.1 sound the amount of data on a disk is being streched to its limit.
"In the right Corner we have the Sony Blu-ray". "The benefit of using a blue-violet laser (405nm) is that it has a shorter wavelength than a red laser (650nm), which makes it possible to focus the laser spot with even greater precision." (I wonder how it will be with scratches, if the laser is smaller, will even smaller scratches cause "disk read errors"? ( ) I really like this idea, it will make it alot easier to take care of your games/movies but it still will take up more space. sony also has the open disk like the current dvds we use. Blue-ray will be able to pack 25gigs of info on one sigle layerd disk, which will provide 2 hours of HD tv or 13 hours of regular tv playback, also it will be backwards compatible (I would like to thank Sony for that step in innovation, Brilliant!)
"In the Left Corner we have HD-DvD" still uses the blue laser, also backwards compatable, but only holds 15gigs of info.
so after seeing both of these you may be saying," this isnt about Jak and Daxter 4 or Halo 3. . how does this deal with the next gen consoles?"
Well see this is where things get Hairy. HD-DvD has been approved to be the next gen median by the dvd association and is being backed by Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, while Disney, Fox and EGM are backing Sony. Sony has also made deals with Dell and Hewlet Packard. so the line is pretty much split, each companly flexing its muscle in a $50+ billion dollar arm wrestleing contest.
HD-DvD took ealrly steps to get the one up on Sony by incorperating Microsofts VC-9 codec into its software. Sony made its reply last week by doing the same. Now Microsoft has to make a HUGE desission and pick between the two, if they go with the HD-DvD they can take a little of the steam away from Sony, and if they do run with the blu-ray format they will only be feeding the beast they are trying to slay. Personal thoughts. . Microsoft is your typical american. .look at the xbox, super sized right? v8 gas gusseling " drill for oil in alaska" american made machine. So im thinking they will go with the HD-DvD format but try and make the machine able to read Blu-ray if HD falls through. and Nintendo. . who knows. . DvD playback on a machine is a huge selling point but you can litteraly buy a dvd player at your local 7-11 for like $35-$40 and by 2006 when the next gen machines roll out they will be consolation gifts for walking through your local Super Center store. . I think Nintendo will continue to stay with a "off the beaten path" median just to thwart modded media, weather it will be 1.5 in blue disk or something only the genuis of Hiroshi Yamauchi can think of.
well, thats all i have tonight, sorry for the wonderfull Grammer. check back for future articles
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